The drawing comes from an archive document from Triebswetter from the time of the colonization (source: RGE)
The picture below shows an intact "Maria Theresia Haus" in Triebswetter, as it still stood there, inhabited by old people,
in 1972.


Whatever the intentions of the architects have been, every family used the three rooms in their house to suit them best. The best room was the one towards the street; with two windows, one looking to the strret, the second one to the frontyard; some lived in it, others used it as a "Paradezimmer", storing there their best furniture, in order not to let it get destroyed by their many children. Here, in the wardrobe(s), their Sunday clothes, which were quite voluminous, were kept. The back room had usually one window showing to the yard, some used this one as a "best room" and lived in the front room. The reason why some used this back room as a living place was because it was warmer than the front room, especially if the front of the house was facing North. The middle room was the kitchen, with a door to the yard and a small window high on the opposite wall. It contained, among others, a stove, a table with chairs, a big cupboard and a sofa.

The rest of the building was reserved to the staircase to the attic, the stable and the toilet. This last part was separated at some point with a fence,as a division between front- and backyard. While they grew flowers in the frontyard, the backyard was reserved for the animals. There was another fence between the backyard and the garden.

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