The foundation of Triebswetter

Triebswetter was founded in 1772.
Since the topic has already been handled by others, I will not repeat the facts here.
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First maps of Triebswetter

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See the picture of a title of property for an agricultural terrain.

Some considerations about the name Triebswetter

The first known name of the place (the grazing land) was Nageuz/Nagyus.
Till now, the Hungarians call our village Nagyösz, which means "big autumn".
Captain Anton von Triebswetter was the engineer who, at the time of the colonization, made the measuring
and partitioning of the land, so it seems that he is the one who has given the village its name.
As we can see on one of the above maps, some misspelled it "Trübswetter", which sounds like
"trübes Wetter" (cloudy weather), in our dialect "triebes Wedder".
So, the name of the place recalls a historical person, the rest seems to be coincidence.