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Triebswetter lies in Romania, very near from the point where this country meets the borders of both Hungary and Serbia.

Official name: Tomnatic
German name: Triebswetter
Hungarian name: Nagyösz

Coordinates: 45 °59' N, 20 °39'. E

It is situated in the N-W of the Banat, on a continuation of the Hungarian low plain (Alföld), at the altitude of 138 m above sea level.

It lies a little aside Road 6, between Timisoara (50 km) and Sinnicolaul-Mare (about 10 km).

Neighboring villages: Großsanktnikolaus, Sarafol, Lovrin, Nero, Gottlob, Wiseschdia

The climate is mild with distinct seasons, the average temp. throughout the year is +10,6 ° C. The winds are not strong, dreaded are only the summer storms.




The soil is fertile, slightly sandy and rich in Humus. It was said that here was the best soil of the region.

The groundwater surface lies at only 10 m depth, making this place ideal for growing vegetables.


Country and area code: 402-563...
Postal code: 307255
Railway station: Tomnatic

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    A stroll through Triebswetter on an August day in 2002.
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