One of our peasants stands in front of the gates of Heaven. Petrus asks for his CV,
so the peasant tells him that he was born in Austro-Hungary, that he went to school in Hungary
and that he died in Romania."Man, you've traveled a lot!", wonders Petrus.
"No Sir", the poor man says, "I have never been outside my village".

Sounds like a joke? But it is our story.

These are my private pages, dedicated to the place where I was born.
I handle this site as a scrapbook in which, since 2003, I fill page after page
with topics which interest me at a given moment.
It is a work of moods, so I take the liberty of there being little concept behind
the overall design of my site. It is the scrapbook of a journey of mine, to which,
by making it public, I invite you as well.

I do not have a guestbook but you are welcome to contact me for any
questions or remarks you might have.