Links for Genealogists

  List of names which occur in Triebswetter  
  by Lothar Renard  
  The cemetery of Triebswetter -
tombstones with names and dates  
  by the HOG Triebswetter  
  The Treffil Book  
  by Heinz Vogel  
  Emigrants from Triebswetter to the USA  
  by Dave Dreyer  

Links to Triebswetter Sites
  Heimatortsgemeinschaft (HOG) Triebswetter  
  Webmaster Franz Balzer  
  About Triebswetter (under "Ortschaften")  
  A Legend  

General Links
  For the surrounding villages  

Mailing Lists
  Mailing lists for Banat genealogy  
  both are in English  
  Genealor - mailing list for genealogy in Lorraine  
  in French  
  AKdFF - mailing list for Banat genealogy  
  in German  


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