Origin of the Colonists

Most of the first colonists of Triebswetter have been previously quartered in other Banat villages, these being interim stations, where people were supposed to wait till their parcel of land was allocated to them. The places we know about are: Mercydorf (where the bulk of the Triebswetterers came from), Bruckenau, Deutsch-Beschenowa, Csatad, Jarmatha, Grabatz, Groß-Jetscha, Billed, Marienfeld, Heufeld, Mastort, Neu-Arad..

During the settlement of a newly founded village, in order to minimize sources of ethnic tensions, the authorities were quite careful to group people coming from the same region and speaking the same language. Which they have obviously tried to do also in Triebswetter. There are several statistics regarding where the colonists of Triebswetter came from. According to them, about three quarters of the first settlers of Triebswetter were French speaking and the remaining fifty families weren't all purely German either.

About seventy years ago, a scholar from Triebswetter, Georg Reiser (see Bibliography, no. 3), has set up a list of the 200 houses built in 1772, their first male owners with their wives, as well as the places of origin of both of them, when he could find or decipher these in the church books. I have typed the content of this list exactly as I have found it. Some misspellings are obvious and there are even some inaccuracies, which are to be explained by the fact that they originate from the churchbook entries. Mr. Reiser has been very wise not to correct these, thus not further adding to the confusion. All in all, it is an excellent point of departure for a genealogical research in Triebswetter. Also, to see who the neighbors of our ancestors have been can add some colour into this somewhat gray picture.

Reiser's explanations:
- the places of origin are in the same sequence as the persons listed.
- if the place is unknown, the region (country) is written down instead
- names of places without the name of a country are all in Lorraine (L, DL, FrL)

Meanings of the abbreviations:
Belg. Pr. Lbg.: Belgium, Province of Luxembourg
Lbg.: The Duchy of Luxembourg
Fr.: France


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