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Origin of the Colonists
- 5 links to a list of the original houseowners
- The beginnings of a part of my family (2 pages) -
3 links to photos and postcards of Arracourt, Lorraine
- The colonist's house - with 3 links to pictures
of old houses

The initial Church

Father Leclerq
- Link to his drawings
- The painting of Saint Roch - link to what it recently
has been replaced with - link in the text - link
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The Parish House
- Link to a picture of the chapel in 2006

The present Church
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- Link to an old postcard (before 1918)

The Cemetery

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- Allerheiligen 2006

Vandalism - Kathi's gravesite - link on each picture - link to the story of her father
- Eva's gravesite - link to what can be found out
about a family from Triebswetter in the Treffil Book
- Broken faces - link on every picture
- Little angels - link to how their rest is disturbed - link to the Zigeunerinsel
- Old iron crosses
- Water fountain
- Silent angel - link to another picture
- Sold obelisk

- Schoolkids
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Maria Radna  
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The Spirit of Triebswetter

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- link to a french inscription on a gable

- link to excrepts from the Schwäbischer Volkskalender 1924
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